bryan Bozeman


Bryan's extensive experience in Construction and passion for Design, led him to form Stone Cloud. He is continuously pushing the creative envelope with each project to combine context, functionality, and artistic expression. He has an incomparable ability to translate complex ideas and abstract visions into livable designs. Not only does he hold his Real Estate license, but also his Residential and Commercial Contractor license, thus allowing him to translate each unique vision to a built environment on any space. Bryan is consistently recognized by clients, consultants, and sub-contractors for ensuring a project's success with his attention to the critical details that can easily be lost in the big picture.



Dan, a licensed architect in Colorado, brings an extensive set of residential design skills and building acumen to the Stone Cloud design team.  His traditional architecture background is well suited for many design styles - the perfect fit for creating a new home.  Dan received his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame, and is NCARB and LEED AP certified




A native of Colorado, Adrienne decided to return to her home state following a number of years working in corporate and investment finance in Philadelphia.  Eager to experience and make a tangible positive impact in a small business environment, she wears many hats on a day-to-day basis, working hard to keep the firm running smoothly. Her excellent work ethic, attention to detail and problem solving skills keep the team and projects moving at the speed of light.

                                      CRAIG MULLER

                                      PROJECT MANAGER

   Craig brings a well-rounded combination of honed residential construction management skills and an              academic background in architecture and interior design to the Stone Cloud Construction team.  His              unique background gives him a distinguishing eye when managing the Company's complex build                    projects.  Craig ensures that clients receive the house they've envisioned from the start and within the          time-frame they expect.